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Getting started

Learn the basics to get you started using Workstack in next to no time.

Importing To-dos with time already added

You can create ToDos directly in Basecamp and add a time estimate to the end of it's name.

e.g. Design web page [8h]

This will automatically import the ToDo as an 8 hour task within Workstack.

Splitting tasks

See how to split To-dos into two separate segments.

Great for working on chunks of an overall larger tasks or sharing the same task between two people.

Unassigned To-dos

See how to work with unassigned tasks.

One of the basic rules of Workstack is if you can't see a task on the calendar then it's most likey not assigned to anyone yet.

Adding vacations

See how to block days out on the calendar for when someone is away.

Blocked out time will mean that tasks can't be scheduled during that period.

Due Dates and Start Dates

This is perhaps the main thing to grasp when starting out with Workstack.